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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The Restaurant

A car to travel to the restaurant.

The dining area filled with tables.

The front of the restaurant complete with tree.

The customers for the restaurant.

We are learning about the restaurant this month during Aistear. We have learned all the different parts of the restaurant and the people who work there. There are some very busy waiters, waitresses, chefs and delivery people in our restaurant. The playdough team are working very hard making lots of food for the restaurant too. 

Farm fun!

More construction fun after reading the story 'The Pig in the Pond'. We created an entire farm using blocks. We made ponds, stables, hen houses and barns. The farmer was very busy planting seeds and ploughing the fields!

The Pig is in the Pond

We read a cool story this week about Neligan's Pig. We decided to create the story using playdough during our Aistear time. We were able to tell the story using our creations.